Office meetingInformed Marketing

IT consulting in San Diego that includes IT people in the composition of marketing strategy is usually going to be much more successful. There are a number of reasons for this:

• Informed sales pitches
• Reaching technically-minded clients
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Informed sales

It’s not just that a sales pitch needs to be informed for success, but the sales personality presenting the pitch likewise needs to fully understand what’s going on. They need to be able to present their products or services to potential clients in a way which has professional auspices.

New clients may be incredibly savvy when it comes to products or services they’re looking for. But when purchasing something new, it doesn’t matter how familiar they are with what they want, that which they acquire is going to have a slight difference to that which is imagined. These differences are what salespeople must excel at properly expositing. They need to be able to show how such products or services will have a positive future impact on operations, ultimately either saving the client money, making them money, or some combination of both over time.

When IT personnel are allowed to help marketing teams come up with strategies for reaching clients, they can help inform their efforts such that maximum impact is achieved.

Technically-Minded Clients

Not all potential customers are going to come to an MSP with an idea of exactly what they need. Generally, clients are going to have an idea of what they want, and in the back of their mind, they’ll make a resolution to purchase those products or services which most closely match that vision.

When IT personnel inform your marketing strategy, you can get “under the hood”, as it were, of your clients’ thinking, and find where disconnects preventing sales lie. Granted, being personable and “selling one’s self” come into play here also, but giving customers the tools to make an informed decision is certainly a very big part of selling.

Nobody likes an overbearing salesperson who does nothing but beat them over the head with facts. That gets tiring real quick. Rather, people prefer to be educated and then make a decision. IT personnel can help sales people give clients decision points which will naturally lead to a sale.

Customer Satisfaction

IT consulting in San Diego which features marketing that oversells a product is going to produce a bevy of clients who are not satisfied. When technology does not perform as advertised, there is definitely a potential for anger. Service agreements are expensive; and it’s easy to promise the moon and not deliver.

If a marketing strategy gives clients false expectations, they’ll be doubly incensed when final products fail to meet those expectations. In contrast, a sales strategy informed by IT personnel who realistically exposit limitations and advantages of a given service/product will give clients a realistic idea of what they’re getting into.


We at Spacelink understand directly how integral it is to inform marketing endeavors with the expertise of IT personnel. IT consulting in San Diego from our quarter will be informed, honest, and representative of reality. That’s one reason our services are often endorsed by satisfied clients. By incorporating IT experts with marketing experience, we are able to parley consulting and IT-related services with the greatest success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today: