Cloud computing staff moving blue cloudThe Fear Is Real

Before we answer how cloud computing San Diego can help with email migration, let us take a look at why the move is such a daunting task for many IT folks.

IT directors and consultants typically fear email migrations since the process involves numerous configurations. Due to this complexity, the process can become a tangled mess of confusion that requires hours of retooling. Here are reasons to seek alternatives to email migration for your business communications.

Email Projects Till the Wee Hours of the Morning

Email migration can get so complicated that IT personnel end up staying all night so that clients can access their email the next morning. Consequently, this situation puts added pressure on the consultant, leading to mistakes. Some of these common errors include:

• Incorrect formatting
• Permissions problems
• Connectivity issues
• Damaged profiles
• Corrupt messages in mailboxes
• Faulty email software
• Problems installing software
• Mixed up passwords
• Corrupt database

Those are just a fraction of the problems a consultant might encounter on top of all the decision making that goes along with new email server deployment. These problems, of course, require extensive troubleshooting, which can eat away a substantial amount of time. Imagine the additional problems that come with hybrid solutions or integrating email with other applications, such as calendars, contacts and tasks.

The more different applications you have to deal with, the more headaches there will be. Sometimes bandwidth issues can contribute to the problem. Additional complications for email migration on new local servers pile up when you’re trying to connect email with VoIP, video conferencing or other communication services. Integrating email with collaborative services such as SharePoint make the job even trickier.

Better Email Solutions

Instead of putting yourself through an unnecessary old fashioned nightmare, why not just use Office 365 or jump to cloud computing in San Diego? Office 365 does take time to deploy, but third party tools help speed up the process. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is fairly simple to set up by comparison. Once your email is in the cloud, there is very little email maintenance to worry about after that.

Office 365 set up issues are usually resolved quickly, unless you have not planned out all the features carefully. Sometimes you need extra migration tools to ensure that installation is seamless, especially when it comes to software integration. Once Office 365 is set up in the cloud, multiple user accounts can be created in the administrative console. Importing a CSV file or migrating existing users are simple tasks.

Moving to the cloud is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes, partly due to the cloud’s seamless all-in-one quality, lower costs and more modern security. The idea of 24/7 tech support also plays a key role in the cloud’s growing popularity. Instead of worrying about building your own complex data center, why not plug into one that’s already reliable and scalable? You’ll be in a better position to upgrade to more bandwidth and storage as your business grows.


Deployment of email migration on on-premises servers can lead to a long busy overnight process. Unless the consultant is alert, it’s possible he or she will become sleepy, which can slow the process down further. Find out about simpler cloud computing San Diego by contacting We offer diverse solutions to empower small businesses and have a reputation for staying on the cutting edge of new technology.