Cloud computing tech fixing serverToo Much Success

Cloud computing in San Diego is effective and has an all-encompassing nature, but there is one hidden drawback which should be taken into consideration. Sometimes a cutting-edge technology solution becomes so expansive that people neglect to do their homework before jumping onboard the trend, and this can leave them stranded without a solution.

With cloud technology, what has happened is that increased autonomy of data preservation, processing, and recovery has led to remote help-desks. The hardware is largely outmoded. Since most help desks don’t need to be anything more than remote, the end result is services that have no on-site support option. Such services are provided by companies who may be local to San Diego, but whose clients are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Things That Can Result In Server Failure

There are quite a few factors which may result in your server’s malfunction and eventual failure. Hackers may use ransomware to hold your server hostage, you may find that a power surge knocks out an on-site data center. There could be accidents that happen and are ultimately nobody’s fault. Data retention could be lost due to espionage.

All such scenarios happen on a regular basis, and the likelihood is that, over time, your site will experience any number of these. Now, you can curtail these threats by using cloud-based solutions, but even in these scenarios, there are instances where you’ll need on-site personnel to help provide support. While the cloud diminishes your need for such on-site support, it doesn’t entirely eliminate it.

Don’t Get Stranded

There are quite a few IT services that offer cloud computing in San Diego, but not all of them offer on-site technical support should such a solution become necessary. In order to ensure that you’re covered whatever exigencies may crop up, you should check with your prospective IT provider to ensure on-site support is available should it become necessary. There are a few other things to get squared away while you’re at it. Ensure that whichever provider you choose, they offer services like:

• Licensed and insured technicians
• Backup and disaster recovery
• All cloud applications
• San Diego colocation
• Dedicated servers
• Business internet
• Camzone live video
• Consultations

Maintaining Service From Cutting-Edge Providers

Cloud computing in San Diego is taking off incredibly fast and has already become an integral part of most operations. When terabytes can be processed in near real-time, big data analytics can substantively increase profit margins nationally and even globally. When systems become dependent on such solutions, however, maintaining them proves itself an integral operational component. You should be looking for all the prime cloud applications like SaaS, disaster recovery, backup, and storage. But those features should not come at the expense of hands-on support.

We at Spacelink strive to provide the most cutting edge solutions and the requisite support necessary to ensure those solutions have their most successful application. We’ve been abreast of the cloud computing trend since near its inception, and are constantly working to ensure our solutions aren’t just adequate, but that they go above and beyond traditional expectations. We provide cloud options that are backed up by local on-site personnel. In San Diego and the surrounding area, we always have someone available to help ensure your systems are operating at their peak capacity.