Businessman sitting on plank laid across two cliffsWhat Are You Listening To The Talking Heads For?

Cloud computing in San Diego is much more secure than most realize. But the talking heads who act as though they know what’s going on in the world, when really they’re just reading from a teleprompter, seem to think otherwise. These people have been warning against cloud computing solutions for decades, but are their admonitions accurate? Well, as a matter of fact, no.

On-Site Data Centers Are A Greater Risk

An on-site data server is going to be subject to ransomware, entropic breakdown over time, and hack-attacks. If all your systems are located on-site, when one decides to throw in the towel, you’ve got to wait for it to be rebooted. Even if you’ve got backup/emergency systems on-site, you run the risk of losing functionality. A dependable backup solution requires proper maintenance. Proper maintenance requires additional expense in the procuring of the right IT personnel. This means more people have access to your sensitive data.

Hacking doesn’t just happen over the Internet. Oftentimes a hacker starts breaking into a system based on his or her own proximity to the company being hacked. Approximately 21.5% of data loss comes from intentional internal breaches. About another 21.5% of data losses come from accidents. So altogether, 43% of the chances you have of losing data come from internal operational exigencies. Still think the cloud’s so dangerous?

Additional Motivation To Provide Enhanced Security

Cloud computing in San Diego is often performed by IT groups who make such services their prime directive. Your operation isn’t making the operation of an internal server its prime directive. That’s just one function of your business. Think of it as the difference between changing your vehicle’s oil by yourself in the driveway, and taking it into the shop.

If your car is high enough off the ground, you can’t slide underneath it, meaning you’ll need a jack of some variety. You’ll also need a pan, and you’re probably going to get oil in your face. Sure, you may save $15, but what’s your time worth? If you’re not a professional, it’s hard to get that oil change done in less than an hour; it might cost you two. Meanwhile, the Jiffy Lube will take care of you for $30 and it takes them about twenty minutes. Do you really end up saving money by purchasing the oil yourself? Not, unless an hour of your time is worth less than $15.

With any business, there comes a point where expansion predicates the move to the cloud. When cloud options are run on a legitimate Tier 3 data center, combined utility and security ultimately increase profitability. Tier 3 data centers are defined as:

• Meeting or exceeding requirements of Tier 2 data centers.
• Many distribution paths that independently serve IT equipment.
• IT equipment that’s unilaterally dual-powered and entirely compatible with topology pertaining to site architecture.
• Site infrastructure that’s concurrently maintainable and has an availability expectation of 99.982%.

A Known Trustworthy Cloud Solution

For cloud computing in San Diego, we at Spacelink offer concerted cloud computing control, utilizing a dependable Tier 3 data center to maintain the safety of all client systems, and provide them the increased data storage, emergency backup, and processing capacity which is possible via The Cloud. You are welcome to take a tour of our data center, click on this link to let us know: