Cartoon goblinsIntegrated Security

IT support in San Diego through the cloud can actually keep you safe in a more integrated way than traditional options. Looking at it with an analogy helps paint a solid picture. Imagine a ghost, a ghoul — or a spirit. Now, how do you talk to that spirit? How do you get in touch with it? Through a medium, a spiritualist; some gypsy woman out of a 1930’s Disney flick with a scarf over her head and too much blue eyeshadow. But any time you contact a ghoul or a ghost — it might even be some infernal demon on masquerade — there are consequences; and those are dire. How does this relate to technology?

The primacy of e-mail viruses develop when an individual inside your organization acts like a “medium” and downloads the “ghoul” of the virus. These often trickle through on the sly — just like, again, some infernal demon on masquerade. You think you’re about to click on Casper the Friendly Ghost, but as it turns out you’ve clicked on Grasper the Leaching Host, some online viral scam to steal your organization’s information and hold it for ransom. What is the way to stop these ghosts in the machine from contaminating your operations?

Cloud Computing Provides A More Secure Solution

With cloud computing options, a user’s desktop is locked down such that no software can be intentionally or accidentally downloaded to a given workstation computer. The cloud environment that hosts your operations is additionally locked down, and safe from the vast majority of intrusive efforts. Think of cloud computing providers as a sort of ghoul exorcist that makes your property safe so those ghost viruses can’t get in and cause a ruckus. The cloud administrator — call him Van Helsing, if you like! — is the only one who has the ability to make any installations within your cloud environment. This makes it so that accidental and directional intermingling of “the spirits” is essentially impossible.


IT support in San Diego that takes advantage of the cloud lets businesses have their cake and eat it too. Cloud computing options actually cost less than a server option hosted locally. You don’t buy hardware, and more importantly: you don’t have to continuously play catch up as new technology upgrades hit the ground every eighteen months. You have greater access to developmental information, like big data analytics — something becoming more amenable to small businesses on a regular basis. Areas where you’ll save include:

• Data Acquisition
• Data Processing
• Infrastructural Facilitation
• Software Development
• Storage
• Backup and Recovery
• Business Continuity
• Technological Upgrade/Development

Through big data applications of information you can more cogently conduct operations. Processing and developing software in the form of applications, games, or infrastructural programming is likewise better-facilitated through cloud networks, which combine multiple servers to increase processing potentiality. You can store nigh-infinite amounts of data on the cloud, and should losses occur, your backup/recovery is as instantaneous as system start-up, saving money in downtime. Lastly, cloud tech is usually continually relevant and on the bleeding edge of technology, meaning it is always current.

Local Cloud Options

IT support in San Diego should include comprehensive cloud coverage. We at Spacelink have made it our mission to provide top-tier support in the realm of cloud computing, as well as other areas. Contact Spacelink and increase your business’s reach while decreasing its expenses.