Vector local business conceptA Global Solution Locally Implemented

The best way to get the cloud and IT support in San Diego is through a local provider. But before we delve into that, let’s talk a bit about the cloud’s growth.

Cloud computing has grown into a globally dominating information innovation that has proven a game-changer with businesses small and large. Things like Big Data make it so that refraining from cloud involvement is becoming a competitively damaging move. As a result, there are now a ubiquity of national cloud providers. Now these providers will swear up and down that local support just is not necessary — because making potential clients believe this is essential to their business model. But that is not quite the reality.

There will always be the need for local technicians on-site for some reason or another. The primary difference with cloud computing is that they will not be required to enter the heart of your organization’s operations and facilitate several days’ downtime effecting a fix while your business is on the line. No, with cloud services, the only local tech support you’re going to need is for the devices you use to interact with the Internet itself.

Laptops, Tablets and Routers, Oh My!

Modern technology is designed to be as intuitive as possible; but that doesn’t mean all the bugs have been worked out. Routers will go on the fritz, computer troubleshooting will probably never go away, and setting up a network for your employees is still quite a task without a tech person to ease the transition. Consider office space rented out for a call-center that solicits donations during a political campaign. Things each caller will need in today’s fast-paced world include:

• A computer that has a trustworthy Internet connection and storage capacity (for contacts).
• A phone with a working, secure connection (VOIP is often today’s solution).
• Interface equipment like keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, etc.
• Internet connectivity solutions like a router, or satellite; depending on needs.

Setting up three or four stations thus is conceivable for most individual managers; but for an operation like this, it would be the height of hubris to refrain from using technical support. Yet if you have not hired IT support in San Diego, instead choosing some national outlet, then the only support you’ll receive will come from a call-center in another state, or even out of the country.

There Is A Better Way

How do you have your cloud, and get the support you need at the same time? Look for a local provider of IT support in San Diego. If you can find a reputable service, you’ll have the advantage of hyper-fast Internet connectivity and platform support conjoined with technical assistance locally-sourced, convenient, and recognizable. Especially in sensitive business operations, it’s better to know the technicians who will be sent to assist you. On that note, it’s better to have an option. Going the national route will take this advantage from you. We at Spacelink have an intimate understanding of modern business needs. We provide local technical support and top-tier, lightning-fast cloud services, as well as a bevy of other information technology solutions such as:

• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• San Diego Colocation
• Dedicated Servers
• Business Internet (San Diego)
• CamZone Live Video
• Block Storage
• DNS Hosting
• Email
• VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

If you’d like to get the fastest possible cloud service, and local technicians who can ensure its continual operation — as well as numerous supporting features designed to facilitate streamlined, cutting-edge utility — please contact us at your convenience. You can also visit our blog if you would like to check out more articles about IT support in San Diego.