Group of people partyingIf you’re shopping for IT consulting in San Diego, you might make the mistake of working with an IT consultant that has come late to the game of cloud computing. In this article, we’ll discuss why that’s a poor idea and what actions you can take if you’re looking for a better alternative.

Inexperienced IT Consulting Providers Don’t Understand the Cloud

First and foremost, an IT consultant who doesn’t have experience with the cloud won’t properly understand either its usage or importance. A lot of these consultation groups may be older groups experienced with IT consultation in general, but who failed to see the cloud for what it is until recently. Make sure that whoever you’re working with has been using the cloud in business for as long as it’s been the practical and superior option.

The cloud sounds simple on paper, and the same goes on a user-end. Cloud computing is the idea of managing and storing data that’s on an external server, with your computer being used as a cheap, lightweight “client” machine to access that data. This saves tremendously in IT expenses (another reason why some consultation groups avoided jumping on, so they could sell you more technology you didn’t need), setup time, and management headaches.

People who have only recently adopted the cloud don’t fully understand how to use it or have avoided it just to benefit their bottom line at the expense of their customers. But what are you missing out on if you aren’t working with an expert?

Why You Need an Expert to Make Full Utilization of The Cloud

If you’re paying for IT consulting in San Diego, let’s be real: you need (and deserve) only the best for your business. Cloud business applications fit that to a T— only a few types of businesses don’t benefit from the cloud. For instance, media companies that need expensive hardware to render large movie and CGI files don’t benefit from a cloud backend, but any business that isn’t dependent on hardware-intensive tasks can benefit immensely from the features and benefits offered by the cloud.

Unfortunately, most newbies to enterprise cloud simply don’t know what they can do with it. These people might be experienced with a pre-cloud world of IT support, but working with the cloud changes everything on the management end.

Benefits of Experienced Cloud IT Consultation

Experienced, cloud-ready IT consultants will know exactly what kind of package or service your business needs. Benefits of this include:

• Saving money on expensive hardware and office PBX plans (by switching to enterprise VoIP)
• Enjoying unparalleled redundancy and data security, thanks to everything being stored in multiple data centers and encrypted off-site— cheaper than paying for expensive backup solutions, too!
• Less time spent on training employees (if they know how to use a web browser, they know how to use your system)
• Ease of access to data from any trusted device with an Internet connection

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The benefits of the cloud for consumers and businesses alike are immense. Unfortunately, not all IT consulting in San Diego has the knowledge and expertise up-to-par required to provide the service. Don’t let this demoralize you, though!

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