IT support blocking virus like hockey goalieThe Quickest Skater On The Ice

IT support in San Diego has to be proactive, effective, and all-encompassing. Flexibility is as important as security. Think of it like the man guarding the net in a game of hockey. The good goalies in the net are fast on their feet — they’ve got to be. They can skate forward, backward, and sideways incredibly quick. Yes, the goalie is often the best skater on the ice — but only for short distances! His or her demesne is between the poles of the net, not forward and backward on the ice.

Expanding this analogous comparison to computer security, the goalie is like a firewall that blocks incoming viruses — imagine hockey pucks silhouetted in the emerald code of The Matrix being batted away left and right from the net of your organization’s operations. The rest of the hockey team is made up of defensemen and forwards — these are like your system’s operational programs. Development software, proprietary software, infrastructure — whatever pertains to you.

Understand: it does not matter how good that software is, without the support of a goalie, the game is lost.

Finding The Right Viral Goalie For Your Business

You need a strong line of defense to keep hackers and viruses from ripping into your business and compelling it to impersonate the Titanic. Depending on the scope of your operations, there are several ways to go about protecting your digital security. If your organization isn’t at a heightened risk of breach, a simple software-based IP filtering solution could be all you need.

If there is a ubiquity of data that requires protection, however, you might want to go with a hardware-based defense system which Cisco computing has brought to the realm of firewall construction. These kinds of protection have specific design and configuration geared toward blocking malware, viruses, and hackers with the greatest autonomy possible. Such hardware solutions are designed to rapidly respond to possible threats and emergent dangers before they have any chance to make an impact on your data, or the server hosting it.

Think of the software solution like a high school goalie on a local team. Think of the latter option like an NHL professional who’s squared off against Wayne Gretsky and forced another face-off before anyone could score. IT support San Diego is generally going to be of this beefier, more secure variety. The city sits on the border of the United States and Mexico, and hosts a wide variety of organizations with expansive digital operations.

Things To Look For In An IT Support Organization

When you’re on the hunt for IT solutions, there are a number of things to look for:

• Intrusion detection
• Firewalls
• Access To professional security analysts
• Trend identification, localization, and neutralization
• Firewall-integrated performance that is managed
• Rapid 24/7 response to possible alarms
• Data backup

Final thoughts

Including all these services and providing exceptional support for a multitude of clients throughout San Diego and the surrounding area, Spacelink has multiple options for protection. They include software solutions of the non-managed variety for smaller organizations, and 24/7 monitoring and support for more sensitive data and operational software; including the high-powered Cisco ASA 5055 hardware firewall installation.

Without the right goalie, your team will lose the game. Be the winning digital team. Protect your digital domain as carefully as teams in the NHL. For more info about IT support in San Diego and other IT topics, call this number 1.888.977.2235 or visit