Solution concept

IT support in San Diego through the right provider will work with multiple clients experiencing common problems. When you go with an established support option, it’s like being able to plan your IT “journey” with the “weather” already predicted. If you go over the installation mountains, expect installation blizzards. When you’re on the desert plains of common functionality, expect the winds of upgrade to constantly push against your caravan. The rains of success can either be nourishing to a business’s crop, or they can ruin a tumbledown shack with no safeguards against leaks. An IT support firm that has already been down this road knows the dangers and how to prepare you for them. Here are five common problems that derail IT projects:

• Visibility Lack
• Indefinite Goals
• Poor Resource Allocation
• Substandard Communication
• Management That’s Ineffective


Oftentimes, IT projects are handled by multiple project leads and spread across separate sections within a company. This means information access may not be available to all sections of a project at the same time. Project leads should always have access to necessary files; when things are stratified across multiple departments, this isn’t always the case. It’s like driving in a blizzard. Sometimes, if forward progress is slow enough, you might have to pull over and re-evaluate your travel strategy. It’s the same with IT tech project visibility.


You’ve got to have clarity with regards to where your IT project is driving. Especially if multiple departments are already having communication problems, without a clearly defined end-game, things are bound to disintegrate. You need to know where you’re going to acquire the right resources, create a proper time frame, hire/outsource the requisite personnel, and help inform the project’s forward momentum. IT support in San Diego can help identify what you need, what you don’t, and what may or may not be missing.

Resource Allocation

You’ve got to know what resources are available so you don’t over or underuse them. Project leads should be entirely aware of these things. But this translates to those working at the lower levels of a project as well. Don’t give them enough resources or you’ll stretch them too thin. Give them too many and they’ll overuse and put you over budget. Consultation from an IT support firm can definitely help here.

Substandard Communication

Everybody needs to be kept in the loop regarding the project’s ultimate goal, what needs to be done, and how to do it. This will include messages given directly to workers, as well as project leads. Deadlines and guidelines can’t be maintained if they are improperly communicated.

Management That’s Ineffective

Almost a gestalt of the previous for conditions, proper management incorporates excellent communication, proper allocation of resources, definite goals, and clear visibility. Ineffective management can’t justify these things harmoniously, and so the project implodes. But even the best project leader is doomed to fail if he or she is asked to do what’s not possible.

Getting Help

IT support in San Diego through SpaceLink has advised multiple projects for multiple clients, and can help you cost-effectively refine your project management such that goals are achieved when they need to be achieved. Contact us for effective IT solutions.