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IT consulting in San Diego is more and more often leading clients toward cloud-based solutions. With any game changing innovation like this, it is healthy for there to be some skepticism initially; until that service has established itself. But at that point, avoiding the innovation can become a substantial drain on business. Consider telephones.

It took decades for the telephone to catch on; did you know the technology was patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876? Now we all have one in our pockets. Or, more recently, look at the Internet itself. It’s almost impossible to run a business today without it; but remember the bubble? That happened because suddenly everyone realized they needed to get onto the web, that it wasn’t a fad, and there was money to be made.

The early birds got the worm, but that window closed. Cloud computing is in a very similar place right now. And, if you conducted a blind evaluation pitting two unnamed solutions against each other–one being the cloud–the likelihood is, cloud computing would win out every time.

Staggering Benefits

Cost-reduction, security consolidation, decreased overhead, and increased productivity all silhouette cloud operations. Cloud computing’s benefits are numerous and include:

• Elimination of cost related to buying servers and hardware
• Elimination of need to buy backup systems
• Built-in failover continuity
• No more emergency tech support necessary (no more accidental security protocol breaches)
• Cost of maintaining local office network eliminated
• Increased productivity through fastest remote connection
• Work conducted on any device anywhere with internet access
• The same cost as traditional managed services — or less
• Total cost of ownership substantially curbed

Without servers and hardware onsite, you won’t have to buy either item beyond necessary provisions for employee data access. Since everything is backed up remotely, you also don’t have to worry about loss of value or necessary replacement of equipment over time. You can trust that the fastest possible access — likely more speedy than would have been possible locally anyway — is always at you and your employees’ fingertips.

A collateral benefit comes in the form of built-in backup, making it so that your emergency recovery and backup needs are consolidated into a managed location legally responsible for proper provision of services. What this ultimately means is that continuity of your business in the event of a failover incident is centrally built into the cloud. And the need to bring an emergency tech on-site will be greatly minimized. Meaning, there will be less security issues due to non-regular personnel at your location. Additionally, this diminishes certain liability and cost issues, not to mention operational losses associated with the need for an on-site technician.

The fact that work can be conducted by employees anytime and anywhere in a secure, safe, managed Internet environment, is almost a cherry on top. The picture becomes contrasted even more when it’s revealed that the expense for this service is requisite to traditional managed services; and often less. IT consulting in San Diego recommends cloud computing because compared against the other option, it’s exceedingly clear which of the two provides the best value.

Where To Find Local Services

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