Mouse pointer pointing at password fieldNever before has IT security been so important. Companies are constantly under the microscope when they’re handling customer data, even if it’s just names and addresses. Non-public personal information needs to be protected, and companies must take great lengths to achieve optimal security. San Diego IT support providers working for your business need to put safety at the forefront, and it starts with the development of safe password procedures.

Password systems are the requirements that are set by your enterprise and your IT support provider. This could be processes around what the minimum password requirements are going to be, how often passwords need to be changed, and how many incorrect tries can happen before an account is locked out. Having firm password procedures is pivotal to improving your IT security.

Start With the Password

San Diego IT support providers are pushing stringent password requirements. You need to start with the password itself to make sure that it’s as strong as possible. It used to be that companies would allow employees to make a password whatever they wanted— that’s no longer going to be adequate. You want to have strong passwords, using something such as 15-characters in length, a mix of letters and numbers, case sensitive, as well as a different character such as a question mark.

The more stringent the password requirements, the more difficult they’re going to be to getting discovered. Short passwords, especially those that are made up of pretty basic words, can be cracked far too quickly.

Switching Passwords

Have a policy in place where you’re going to change the password every 90 days and make that a requirement. When you do this, be sure that you’re setting it up so that the same password that you used to have cannot be recycled. One of the stronger controls here is not to allow any of the most recent ten variations of a password to be used. This forces the password to be altered substantially every single time that 90-day cycle passes.

Added Security

There are added security measures that you can take as well, such as two-step authentication. An example of this is to have someone log in, and then also have them enter a secondary code, such as a token, that they get through a separate application. This would require two levels of security to be breached for someone to gain unauthorized access to that particular account.


The security of your data is something that you want to take very seriously. San Diego IT support providers that understand this are going to be able to deliver to their customers the very best password standards to keep everything as secure as possible. If you’re in need of an MSP that takes security seriously, reach out to us at SpaceLink. The password procedures we implement will help drive an atmosphere of safety to keep your most sensitive data highly protected.