Woman with no money cryingWhat Is Break/Fix?

IT consulting in San Diego that goes the break/fix route is going to cost you money in the long run, for the same reason why refraining from giving your car an oil change until it breaks down is a bad idea. The best way to keep your vehicle at its peak operating capacity is to change the oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. Certainly, it depends on the make and model. Older cars should probably be taken care of with greater expediency than newer models running on a synthetic blend— and the same goes for computers. But what’s equal across the board is that regular, proactive, periodic maintenance will be better for your systems than just operating them until a problem either lags everything so bad that no work can be done.

To further the vehicular analogy: most cars have an operating life of between 150,000 and 350,000 miles, depending on the owner. But if you’re really careful about it, you can keep a vehicle running well past one million miles. Now that’s a rarity and only happens when the best mechanical acumen is brought to bear on the situation. Still, it’s doable, and in the same vein, you can keep your computer systems running well past their intended obsolescence through directed proactive maintenance.

Defined Budgets?

Break/fix solutions have no predictable budget; they make things theoretical. Costs can very easily bloom beyond your control, sucking profits like some stellar gravitational singularity better known as a black hole. Black holes are understood to suck in light— or at least that’s the scientific theory. They’re also powerful enough to “bend” light, which is accomplished through something called gravitational lensing, which other massive stellar bodies do as well. A mass with a strong enough gravitational pull changes light’s course so it doesn’t go in a straight line.

When you consider gravitational lensing in relation to astronomical phenomena, it really puts an interesting spin on the estimates of universal size and scope. Some black holes are massive, as are stars like Betelgeuse, and can theoretically affect light in ways which make spatial estimates employing lightyears questionable. In like manner, a break/fix solution will make it somewhat impossible for you to accurately create a budget.

It’s questionable to have an ironclad measure of distance between the background radiation of existence and Earth when black holes are out there gravitationally lensing light beyond quantifiability. Similarly, it’s difficult to have any kind of defined budget cap using break/fix models. All you can have is a theoretical yearly expense sheet that could at any time expand beyond profitability.

Escape Break/Fix Black Holes!

What you want to do to overcome this is to find IT consulting in San Diego offering proactive solutions that continuously maintain systems. Additional service provisions worth considering include:

• Backup and Data Recovery
• Cloud Computing Solutions
• Colocation
• Business Internet

A Considerable Local Option

IT consulting in San Diego through SpaceLink comes with a ubiquity of backup and data recovery options, cloud computing solutions, and proactive services, which will maintain your systems cost-effectively in a predictable way that allows you to define an exact budget. We want you to be as secure in your operations as possible; secure clients represent a win-win for everyone. Contact us for further information!