Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get ultimate peace of mind!

Rest easy with SpaceLink’s guaranteed backup services.

What if your company abruptly lost its IT system and essential information due to a natural disaster, theft, or system failure?

Do you have a backup and disaster recovery strategy to get it all back? You do with SpaceLink. SpaceLink offers you comprehensive, dependable disaster recovery and data backup solutions for businesses just like yours.

Onsite backup is never enough.

It’s not enough to have data backup systems at your facility. If your office was destroyed, your backup would almost certainly be gone as well. With a backup of your data located safely off-site, your company could still access your systems and your data even if your physical location was entirely lost. Of course, there are many other threats to your data too, such as hackers and network crashes, which can bring your business to a screeching halt.

Access to current and historical data is the lifeblood of any business. Many companies without disaster recovery have literally ceased to exist after a catastrophe. Without access to their data, they simply can’t perform critical everyday business functions such as purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, payroll, orders, deliveries, customer service, sales lead management, marketing…the list goes on.

But you can rest easy. With SpaceLink Disaster Recovery backing you up, you’ll always have the data you need, come what may.

  • Fast – Speed up backups from hours to minutes with faster read/write speeds and data transfer
  • Flexible – Supports bare metal as well as virtual server restore and recovery functionality.
  • Easy to Use  – Configure all options, back up data, and restore through a simple Web-based graphical interface.
  • File-Based backups – Choose specific files and folders to back up. Restore your whole system with all of its folders and files, select individual files and folders from a given time frame, or restore to an entirely different server.
  • Unlimited backups – Create as many backups as you want without any limits on the size of each backup.
  • Customizable schedule – Specify when and at what frequency to perform each created backup. You can either run backups manually, or choose a schedule that works for you.
  • Customizable retention – Store files for 30 days, 60 days, or indefinitely.
  • Email notifications – Receive an email when the backup job successfully completes or if the backup job fails to complete.
  • Compression and deduplication – Cloud Backup includes file compression and block-level deduplication to reduce backup times, size, and storage costs. After the initial backup of a data set, block-level deduplication saves time and storage space by only backing up files that have changed since the last backup.
  • Idera Server Backup – Cost effective, disk-to-disk backup that can span multiple servers. Idera Server Backup provides high-performance disk-to-disk server backup, featuring a central management and data repository. It protects data at block level, and unique disk blocks on the server are storage only once across all recovery points, increasing storage efficiency.


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