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For the better part of 20 years, we’ve been helping San Diego companies just like yours properly assess their IT support and San Diego Colocation needs and implement the right IT consulting to both meet their current needs, as well as sustain their businesses well into the future. From cloud computing and colocation to IT consulting, VOIP and even live video streaming, SpaceLink can help you put together the IT services solutions to propel your business for years to come.

IT Support Technology To Help Your San Diego Business Soar

Full Business Assessment

We’ll analyze your San Diego business from A to Z and come back with the definitive recommedation for your comprehensive IT services solution.


Private & Public Cloud Computing Services

Run your San Diego business from the cloud. Scale up and down instantly to meet your current computer support needs while minimizing monthly costs and eliminating capital expenses.



House your server racks in our secure, environmentally sealed and massively backed-up colocation facility, with 24/7 secured access and monitoring.


Dedicated Servers

Avoid the capital expenditures of buying your own servers that can become obsolete…and rent ours instead. Enjoy the peace of mind of dedicated hardware without the upfront investment.


Managed IT Services

If your information technology load is bigger than your in-house IT resources, you can simply outsource the work to our team of IT consulting experts, and get back to focusing on other critical San Diego business tasks.


Camzone™ Streaming Video

Host your live video through our ultra-high-throughput 24/7 online streaming video hosting service. Serve up limitless high-def live video that captivates your website visitors and helps drive business.


Is the Fox Guarding the IT Services Budget in San Diego?

Protect Your Interests IT services in San Diego can either be a substantial benefit to your company, or they can steadily syphon away resources until your organization has become less able to expand. Many MSPs understand that their clients aren't technologically savvy...

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How to Successfully Get IT Testimonials

When you are talking about ways in which your company can help build up their brand recognition, one of the best ways is with testimonials from customers. The trick though is actually getting customers to submit to you their IT testimonials. Many business owners will...

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Referrals and IT Internet Leads Hide a Little Secret!

Almost all MSPs count on referrals for new leads. Many of them are so complacent about this approach it narrows their vision on other realistic possibilities for lead generation. So if you want to jump ahead of your competition that sticks with the old playbook of...

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Telemarketing to Grow Managed Services Business

Talent is one of the hardest commodities to come by when you are a hiring manager of a small to medium-sized business. The talent pool that exists in the market is extremely diverse and presents to you a lot of...

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IT Security: Getting Past the Human Element

Out think Everybody IT security can’t be accomplished with totality; not if it relies on the honesty and integrity of employees. People are subject to a little thing called human nature. A big part of human nature is procrastination;...

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Don’t Let Your Business Be Held For Ransom By A Password!

Needed Security Ransom-ware protection is virulent today. As it turns out, there has been a 300% increase in Ransom-ware attacks since 2015; and that’s only in the first quarter. If you’re not familiar with this virulent hacking, it is what it sounds like viral...

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