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SpaceLink’s IT Support San Diego service is designed for small- to medium-size businesses that do not have their own IT staff on call. When issues come up, and they will, you’ll need experienced, highly trained staff that can take care of those problems immediately – or better still, see those issues coming and mitigate them before they have a chance to interrupt your business. That’s the power and convenience of having the SpaceLink IT Services San Diego team manage your servers and applications for you. Save time, money and hassle by handing your IT management to SpaceLink’s managed IT services San Diego team.

SpaceLink offers you a mature, metrics-drive IT Support.

For all your managed IT services San Diego needs – Server, Desktop, and Network – SpaceLink offers you the right choice of support for your needs.

Managed Support

Managed Support gives you the 24/7/365 dedicated IT support teams for your business technology and the power who run your business.  The SpaceLink IT Support San Diego team will immediately diagnose and fix every issue, whatever it takes, as often as needed – all completely included in one affordable monthly subscription price. This option is ideal if your IT resources don’t have the capacity to perform this themselves. The peace of mind alone will justify the price, never mind the minimized downtime.  We take the complexity out of IT management, streamlining IT operations and services with critical business goals and needs.

Managed Server

Let’s face it: server management is complex and time-consuming. And you’ve got better things to do than sweat all the details of keeping your servers updated, secure, up and running at optimum efficiency to support your customers and your team. The SpaceLink IT Support San Diego team can do all of that for you so you can get back to running your business. 

Managed Desktop

It can take a lot of internal resource time to continually monitor and update all of the computers in your organization. Or, you can simply use SpaceLink’s Managed Desktop service. Our managed IT services San Diego team will monitor all of your computers 24/7 and notify you if any of them have deviated from their standard configuration for some reason.

The service includes normal maintenance functions, universally applied across all of your desktops, managed on-site and remotely by SpaceLink:

  • Desktop image management
  • Software and security patches
  • Software distribution
  • OS updates – Windows, Mac, Linux

With our Managed Support option, we’ll do all of the above and troubleshoot and resolve issues as they happen, 24/7, included in your monthly subscription fee.

Managed Network

The SpaceLink IT Support San Diego team can relieve you of all of the hassles of maintaining, monitoring and updating your network in one all-inclusive package. We’ll take care of everything for you, from your routers and switches to firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs). The service includes:

  • Monitoring performance and uptime of routers and switches
  • Monitoring and updating firewalls to maintain security
  • Configuring and maintaining VPNs
  • Instant notification to your team about issues as they arise

With our Managed Support option, we’ll do all of the above and troubleshoot and resolve issues as they happen, 24/7, included in your monthly subscription fee.

Additional Services Available from SpaceLink

Take advantage of these add-on services to get the specific support you need, when you need it.

Allow SpaceLink to safeguard your servers, maintain uptime and guarantee the full recovery of all essential data and applications with our Managed Backup Services. Whether caused by human error, hardware failure, hackers or a natural disaster, data loss can be catastrophic for any business. All data is backed up to disc in our SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers.

The service includes:

  • Customizable data rules – back up only the data you want
  • Disk-based backup – eliminate the chances of lost or destroyed tape media
  • 4-week default retention schedule
  • Windows, Linux, Unix OS supported
  • Live database backups – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server supported • Daily performance reporting

Take advantage of SpaceLink’s proven Managed Backup Services — initial setup, regular reporting, round-the-clock monitoring and full data restores.

Managed VPN

Ensuring that your data is securely transmitted is a cornerstone of many of the recent compliance standards that affect today’s businesses. HIPPA, PCI, and others require that your data is securely handled.

SpaceLink’s managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure tunnel that protects your data from malicious users and identity thieves. With a VPN solution, your data is encrypted between the origin and recipient. This secure “tunnel” protects your data from malicious users and identity thieves that are always on the lookout for unprotected information.

SpaceLink can help you with two types of managed VPN solutions to meet your business needs:

  • Client-based VPN: using an installed software agent, each workstation or laptop connects to the VPN tunnel individually. This type of VPN can be used over most Internet-enabled networks and is a perfect solution for mobile workers.
  • Site-to-Site VPN: router to router VPN solution. This type of VPN provides a constant VPN connection for an entire site, usually a branch or remote office. It is not mobile and does not follow laptops or workstations to other locations.

Professional Services

From remote hands to intense administration, our professional services are designed to reduce the time you spend managing your IT infrastructure. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your IT team.

Talk to the SpaceLink IT Support San Diego team today to discuss your IT services needs.

A SpaceLink representative can assist you in customizing a solution designed to meet your needs. Chat with us online, e-mail or give us a call at 1.888.977.2235.



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